unity service recoveryI’ve been to a lot of 12-Step meetings. I doubt if I could estimate with any real accuracy, but definitely a couple or three  thousand — maybe more. That doesn’t mean I’m any more sober than you. Lots of folks go to meetings for half a lifetime and fail to get really sober. I managed to do it for 24 years, so I know what I’m talking about. I mention the number only to provide context for the following.

Service is part of the foundation of the 12-Step fellowships — Unity, Service, Recovery and variations on that theme, along with responsibility: “if anyone, anywhere reaches out for help….” If the topic of a meeting is something like Ways To Stay Sober, it’s a sure bet that service will come up on the list of almost everyone who shares. But what is service, really? Continue reading

No Burning Bushes

Many of us speak about our “relationships” with our Higher Power, whatever that may be, but how many of us spend our time asking for things instead of for the power to do things, as in the Third Step Prayer. (Look it up: page 63 in the AA Big Book.)

How many of us spend our time telling H.P. what we want, asking for advice, but then never shut up long enough to hear any answers? What kind of relationship is that? That doesn’t even work with humans! Continue reading

Thought for the day — 9/11/2018

Forgiveness is for those who forgive, not for those who offend.
It does not preclude taking precautions to avoid further offense,
but it frees us to think coherently instead of clouding our minds
with the hatred that prompts good people to do hateful things.