Blast from the past day: from back in 2014.

Higher Power stuff…

“I heard another newcomer at a meeting complaining about how she’d had God shoved down her throat by her parents, and she wasn’t having any part of this Higher Power stuff, blah, blah, blah. I find this sort of thing tedious, to put it lightly, having listened to and read about it frequently over the years. Even when I was claiming to be an atheist I thought it was shallow and ill-considered. So, since it’s my blog, I thought I’d write about my take on the issue.”   More…

Thought for the day: 5/25/2017

No two people see the world and their circumstances in the same way. How could they? We all come from a life of billions of experiences, all perceived and interpreted by our individual brains. These perceptions and interpretations are colored by a palette of emotions, feelings and conscious thought. The results can’t possibly be the same for two individuals. Where else could our reality reside but in our heads? Continue reading “Thought for the day: 5/25/2017”


One of our biggest problems as addicts is that we pursue solutions that we like, rather than those we need.

Many times the best solutions to problems  do not produce the outcomes that we want.  Members who have been around the fellowships for awhile have seen it again and again: newcomers (and sometimes those not so new) who flail around and exhaust themselves trying to fight what more experienced folks see as inevitable: the need to make changes that we don’t like.

Usually, no one is saying that they need to be made all at once or right away. In fact, program wisdom indicates quite the opposite. In most cases not involving situations dire and immediate, we recommend that any changes be made slowly, with careful consideration of all factors. Since we’re all addicts and codependents, however, we tend to want to sweep things under the rug and ignore them indefinitely, or take the broom and beat them into submission. In either case, we want what we want and we want it now, and we want it the way we want it.* Continue reading “Solutions”

Thought for the day: 5/20/2018

Do I treat my mistakes as failures, or as opportunities to learn and become more skillful?

Sam Harris on Meditation

“…what it’s like to be you when
you’re paying attention.”

From the podcast “Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics, A Conversation With Dan Harris

A Little Lesson In Reality And Possibilities

Oh, crap…a snake!



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Don’t Give Up


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Ahhhhhhh! At last!

The snake in the photograph above, along with the two pieces of paper,* is a drawing. Everything else, including the table, is real.

If the artist has the discipline and put in the years of work to learn to do something like this, we can learn to stay sober. It’s easier and takes less time–so what if it’s even scarier than the (fake) snake?

*The snake and the paper are actually all one sheet, cleverly cut out to provide perspective for the 3D look. If you'd like to see more of artist Stefan Pabst's drawings, click here.

Careful throwing those stones! They bounce!

Over the years of our addictions, many of us developed some pretty sophisticated ways of dealing with low self-esteem. Most of us were pretty good at them before we even became active in our addictions. We may have learned the behavior from caretakers, without even being conscious of it. Continue reading “Careful throwing those stones! They bounce!”