Hi, My name is Bill.

My sobriety date is September 14th, 1989.

I’ve been writing about recovery in a variety of places for some years. A couple of years ago I started a blog related to Buddhism — my own path toward spirituality (as opposed to religion) — and incorporated a bunch of articles and essays that I’d written as sort of a sideline. Those pages have gotten a bunch of hits, and a couple of the articles are quite popular around the Web, especially the one on Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

It has always bothered me, though, that the recovery stuff was relegated to a inner page of the site, and that it wasn’t in a location that could easily be found by anyone who was interested in addiction and alcoholism. Information like that saved my life, and might well have gotten me into treatment sooner had I known about things like the disease concept and similar matters.

Finally I determined to get the links out where they could be found. More…

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