Shedding light on drug addiction

There are both biological and environmental reasons that teens are at such high risk. The adolescent brain is still in formation, especially the prefrontal cortex that handles judgment and cognitive control – the prefrontal cortex isn’t mature until people hit their mid-20s. Environmental factors like the availability of drugs, stress and abuse can also influence teens to experiment with drugs – and the earlier kids try drugs, the more likely they are to become addicted. …

A person is likely addicted if he of she changes the pattern of their daily activities for the drug, prioritizing it above friends, family and job. Other signs include personality changes, no longer exercising judgment about appropriateness, changes in mood, physical signs like radical weight changes and becoming more secretive, especially about their time and what they’re doing.

Often, the important thing is the percentage of time spent in these roles. “Addicts have a secretive life because they have to cover the amount of time they spend seeking the drug,” says Hurd. “A lot of people hide alcohol in different places, or choose alcohols that you can’t smell.”

Many times their friendships start to change, as the addict hangs around new groups that prioritize drug use more than his old friends. … MORE…

1 thought on “Shedding light on drug addiction

  1. kayakotto

    Interesting article. I found another one offering a really good explanation of the mechanics of addiction at ***** for anyone interested.

    I’m sorry. I don’t publish links to commercial sites, and this one didn’t even lead specifically to the article referenced.


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