From “Recovery and Addiction — For families and Friends of alcoholics and addicts

I worked my 2nd Step with Daniel soon after Nicholas went into aftercare in Florida. Here’s the step work I read to my sponsor: … Recovery And Addiction

2 thoughts on “From “Recovery and Addiction — For families and Friends of alcoholics and addicts

  1. 4wrdthnkndad

    First, I’m glad to hear that ACOA continues to thrive in parts of the country. In the Midwest, it is as good as dead. Clutters Anonymous-I love it.

    Based on your email address, I suspect you know and understand how cluttering can drag a life to a virtual stop, prevent social expression, distance — even alienate — friends and family, create health and safety hazards, and interfere with quality of life in general. Too few recognize the pathology, and understand that something can be done about it. The people afflicted aren’t just slobs. The 12 steps are part of the solution, as they are with so many other obstacles to living.


  2. 4wrdthnkndad

    I was led to your site as I was looking for more information about ACOA. It was a program that I thought very highly of, but as quickly as it expanded, it seemed to fade away. I however still believe it met a need that goes beyond Al-anon’s focus.

    As for the second step, and the issue of insanity. For me, it is H.P./intuitive experience of recognizing when I’m at peace and when I’m forcing or obsessing over an issue. The line has become much more defined over the years.

    ACOA is going strong down here in Southeast FL, or at least it was a few years ago. Of course, this area is recovery central for the country, if not the world, so most of the programs are represented. A family member is at Clutterers Anonymous as I type. I preferred CODA, as I had a number of codependency issues that transcended either of the others.


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