A Few Remarks on AA’s Birthday

Every recovering person in a 12-step program has good reason to stop and reflect, on Tuesday, about the fortuitous meeting of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, and all it has meant to four generations of alcoholics and the members of every other group based on the 12 steps.

The Eleventh of those 12 begins, “Sought through prayer and meditation….” Well, here’s something to meditate on: what if Bill had gone into the hotel bar that night in Akron and plunked his butt down on a bar stool, instead of making a phone call?

Hmmmmm? Where would your butt be now?

I’ve been hanging out over at The Second Road lately. I’ll be blogging regularly for them — and so are a bunch of other folks with some good things to say (some of them with names you may have heard elsewhere). Why not drop in, look the place over and, if you like what you see, sign up to be a part of a newly-formed support community? Great things will be happening. Come and see for yourself.

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