How do I know if I am a clutterer?

* Do you have more possessions or items in your life than you can handle comfortably?
* Do you find it difficult to dispose of many things, even those you haven’t used in years? 
* Do you rent storage space to house items you never use?
* Do you spend time looking for things that are hard to find because of all the clutter?
* Do you find it easier to drop something than to put it away, or to wedge an object into an overcrowded drawer or closet rather than find space for it?
* Do you collect things to give to others?
* Do you bring things into your house without establishing a place for them?
* Is your clutter causing problems in your relationships?
* Are you embarrassed to have visitors because your home is never presentable?
* Do you hesitate sharing about this problem because you are ashamed of your cluttering?
* Are you constantly doing for others while your own home is out of order?
* Do you miss deadlines or abandon projects because you can’t find the paperwork or material to finish the work?
* Do you sometimes get buried in details, making projects take much longer than is really necessary?
* Do you procrastinate about cleaning up because you believe you must do it perfectly or you won’t do it at all?
* Are you easily side-tracked, moving from one project to another without finishing any of them?
* Do you have problems with time management and estimating how long it takes to do things?
* Do you believe there is all the time in the world to clean your house, finish those projects, and read all those piles of old magazines?
* Do you use distractions to escape from your clutter?
* Have you tried to clean up from time to time but find yourself unable to stick with it?
* Does the problem appear to be growing?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, you might want to find out what CLA has to offer.

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