What is the Success Rate of Recovery in AA?

Mark Twain is quoted as having written, “Many commentators have shed darkness upon this subject, and it is thought that if they continue we shall soon know nothing at all about it.” This is certainly an example. Just as there are people (like me) who swear by the 12 steps and the groups, there are others who have been disillusioned or have other axes to grind.

This post to SpiritualRiver.Com resolves nothing, but is interesting nonetheless.
What is the Success Rate of Recovery in AA?

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Birder, cat-lover, pilot, poet. Former lounge lizard, pauper, pagan, lifeguard, chauffeur,cop and martial artist, turned pacifist addiction writer. Tries to be a good husband, father and brother, and makes a decent friend. Likes to take pictures. Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

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