The high cost of under-treated addiction

This is a pretty realistic look at the issue, but overlooks the fact that there is no government will to facilitate recovery. With 20% of the customers purchasing 80% of the alcoholic beverages, we won’t see much change in overall policy — regardless of how many institutes of this and that are hand-wringing and gnashing their teeth — until the treatment industry can afford to spend more than the brewers, distillers and distributors (who are dead set against any programs that will significantly reduce their customer base, despite their slightly pious “drink responsibly” crap).

Don’t hold your breath.

Drug, alcohol abuse study measures the high cost of under-treated addiction – Los Angeles Times

DRUG AND alcohol abuse sets people on a path toward heart disease, cancer and other chronic illnesses. A study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment reports that hospital costs for this medical fallout can be substantial — and could be avoided with more drug and alcohol treatment.

1 thought on “The high cost of under-treated addiction

  1. kayakotto

    We are certainly in need of more preventative treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. A group called Narconon has been doing drug education for several decades now and have some impressive results. is the place to check it out. Though not all may agree with the methodology the group is certainly an ally in the battle of addiction prevention


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