God, or Whatever

Boy Grows Up shares the following on his blog. An interesting take on religion, well-stated:

Tonight at dinner my partner and I had a fascinating discussion about God. Now, he has never been a believer in God, and has admitted to condescending attitudes toward those who do. His attitude has been that belief in God “is what some people need to feel OK about themselves.”

I, on the other hand, spent most of my life as a fundamentalist Christian who until 10 years ago believed that “every word of the Bible is literally true and written by men directed by God.”

And I spent years holding condemnatory attitudes about people who did NOT believe in the exact flavor of God that I believed in. So on the surface, we could never have been a couple.

Except for the fact that by the time he and I met, I long ago had abandoned any faith in a Higher Power, so our essential “spiritual” viewpoint was the same. Which is to say, none. Until…

Boy Grows Up: God, or Whatever

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