The Man I Never Met

Somebody special came my way a long time ago and I’m now realizing, again, how special he was. I had noticed him several times before, but on this particular night, at this not-too-particular AA meeting, he appeared different to me and different from others present. An aura of peace seemed to surround him — offering up the appearance of a man at one with his God.

I had been attending this meeting most Wednesday nights for over a year, and this was to be the last time. I was relocating out of state the following Saturday and I had already started making up my mind that when I moved, I would cut back my meetings to one or two a week, maybe just one, instead of the four or five I had been attending in this, my first year in AA. I had yet to let my sponsor know, if indeed I would. After all, he wasn’t moving with me. … AA Grapevine Current Issue

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