A Few Words About This Blog

Some folks may have wondered why I don’t post more to this site.  There are actually several reasons. 

It’s hard to find high-quality material about addiction and recovery online.  I avoid posting links to commercial sites like treatment centers and halfway houses because (a) they don’t usually have anything new to say and (b) I don’t want to give the impression that I’m recommending a particular establishment.  I will not do that unless I know that they offer a program that meets my personal opinion of the way treatment ought to be run.  That is in line both with only writing about what I know and with giving my readers the best possible advice, both of which I try to adhere to at all times.

The same is true of blogs.  There are a lot of really good recovery-related blogs out there, but I can’t track down and read them all.  If you have suggestions, by all means, please make them in a comment — your site or others.  I’ll load the feed into a reader and keep track of it for a while, and consider linking to individual entries and possibly providing a sidebar link.  I do not trade links.  I only publish links to sites I consider useful and that exhibit good recovery, and I don’t want obligations — real or implied.

Finally, there is the issue of articles in the media.  Some of them are well-written, do not draw unwarranted conclusions, and are obviously by knowledgeable people writing about a subject that they at least researched with some care, if not one that they understand personally.  That covers about 5% of what’s available.  The rest are usually rushed to publication, report mainly what is obtained from press releases — often overlaid with the writer’s personal prejudices or misconceptions — and are of questionable value.

The same is true of articles about breakthroughs in the field.  There are literally thousands of studies in progress at any given time, and every one of them is likely to be a product of one of two systems: the publish or perish academic model, or the funded- by-a-drug-company-model.  That is understandable.  Someone has to pay for the research.  These studies are often excellent.  Taken out of context, however, they are also open to interpretations that are not necessarily within the parameters of the study, so one has to be careful, especially if not trained in statistics, research and the field in question.

In addition to the above, studies tend to be restricted to small populations and, when they are not, almost always have political implications that — again — make careful reading and interpretation important.

So, to put it as succinctly as I ever do, I don’t publish things I’m not sure of.  My purpose here is to be a source of information and support for other recovering alcoholics and addicts.  It is not site promotion, site hits, or volume of material.
Please check back from time to time or subscribe to one of the feeds.  When I find something useful or think of an idea I believe useful, you’ll see it here. 

And don’t forget to recommend good sites and blogs.  I will check ’em out, I promise!

By the way, thanks for stopping by.

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