Alcohol Abuse Increases Breast Cancer Risk from 1 in 9 to ~1 in 4

While there are many different risk factors for developing breast cancer, including family history and obesity, the association between alcohol and breast cancer is well established.

There are more than 45,000 new cases of breast cancer in the UK every year, and the “lifetime risk” of developing it is approximately one in nine.

Women who drink one large glass of wine a day, which means 21 units of alcohol a week compared with the recommended 15, increase this by a fifth.

Drinking two glasses a night boosts it by a third, while three big glasses mean more than a 50% increase.
BBC NEWS | Health | Women ‘unaware of alcohol threat’

Author: Bill

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One thought on “Alcohol Abuse Increases Breast Cancer Risk from 1 in 9 to ~1 in 4”

  1. Drinking also limits your treatment options. There are many kinds of chemo that can not be done. I know this because I had an aunt that had breast cancer and also a drinking. Her family didn’t know about the drinking problems until years later. She died about 5 years into the cancer and one reason why were the limited treatment options.


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