Bill Wilson on the 11th Step

Around me I see many people who make a far better job of relating themselves to God than I do. Certainly it mustn’t be said I haven’t made any progress at all over the years; I simply confess that I haven’t made the progress that I might have made, my opportunities being what they have been, and still are.

Bill Wilson wrote the words above in 1958, just before his 24th AA Anniversary.  His honest appraisal of his shortcomings and his willingness to discuss them are a lesson to me, and perhaps to you as well.  How many of us, in his position, would have been sorely tempted to simply bask in the glory of being one of the Founders, and forget how to be one of the bozos on the bus?

The AA Grapevine carries articles like this every month.  It is an invaluable resource for alcoholics in recovery — and for other kinds of addicts if they are willing to set aside their prejudices and “read between the lines.”

Bill Wilson on the 11th Step — AA Grapevine Current Issue

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