What are the chances of an alcoholic’s children drinking?

Alcoholism has a strong genetic component. In addition to that, the example of parents drinking and the trauma associated with living in an alcoholic household make it even more likely that children of alcoholics will drink, and that they will become addicted if they do.

2 thoughts on “What are the chances of an alcoholic’s children drinking?

  1. JB

    I have to agree with you — if the parents have an issue with alcohol, it is very likely a child will develop one as well. It’s unfortunate, but true.


  2. Chaz

    This is a very accurate observation in my experience.

    I am an alcoholic who, although swore it would never happen to me, found himself a practicing alcoholic by my mid-30s. The alcoholism I despised in my father somehow got programmed into me and I took to it like a fish to water.

    I also found out later in life that other family members were alcoholic. My grandfather in fact was an alcoholic who quit for reasons of health. Yet I suppose he had all of the behaviours and thought patterns of an alcoholic and somehow I picked up on those too without knowing it.

    I cant tell you how many people I meet in recovery who could tell you a similar story about alcoholism in their families.

    Hopefully, my recovery will initiate a new set of inheritable traits for future generations. I have observed a lot of this in my program of recovery too. Where a parent sobers up, and although their kids follow the same path of alcoholism, they too learn how to sober up and recover.

    Ciao. Chaz


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