A note to the folks who, by now, must think I’m suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder or something like that:

Dear Readers,

I hope you don’t mind if I call you “Dear Readers.”  All three of you are very important to me, and I hope you’ll leave a message after the beep.

Here’s the thing about the changes on the blog.  For about three years now I’ve had a blog called Digital Dharma that deals with some other stuff that’s pretty important to me.  Prior to that I had done quite a bit of writing at various places on the Web, much of it about recovery from drugs and alcohol in general, and my own experiences in recovery and the treatment field in particular.

I imported a lot of the recovery material into a section of D-D, but because of the layout I have them tucked away on a back page, reachable by tabs but not out where folks can easily find them.  Despite that, a couple of articles — including the one about PAWS that is permanently posted above — have become exceptionally popular, garnering thousands of hits.  Many people have left comments and emailed me to tell me how valuable they found the information.

That being the case, and this blog having sort of been limbo for a while, I decided to make it more of an informational page rather than just a venue for my occasional clippings about addiction and recovery.  I’ll be importing some of the material from other sites, writing some new stuff, and posting my usual clippings of interest and the occasional photograph to add a bit of color.  The twits from @whatmesober will re-direct here, as well.  Hopefully people will find the material a bit more accessible.

Let me know what you think, and what improvements you believe would be helpful.  If you got a mad urge to post some links to the site on your own pages, that would be a real bonus.  This isn’t about me — it’s about the newcomer.

Thanks for letting me share.

Oh.  That’s right.  It’s my blog…

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