Swine Flu — No Need To Panic

Good article. (I wrote it.)
clipped from open.salon.com
Hysteria has already begun with the recent news of the swine flu outbreaks in Mexico, the US and Canada. I have spoken to people who say that they intend to wear face masks in public as soon as a case of the flu has been reported in our state. Others have stated that they will take further extreme measures, such as remaining home if “things get bad.”

There is no denying that the possible spread of an especially dangerous strain of influenza is a matter of concern. Very young children, old folks like me, and people with suppressed or otherwise compromised immune systems are at real risk, but only if they actually contract the disease.  Fortunately, there are simple precautions that can be taken to minimize the chances of contracting any airborne disease, and of passing it on to others.
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1 thought on “Swine Flu — No Need To Panic

  1. bridgefarmlingfield

    I think that the press blow these things up out of all proportion and spread panic where perhaps only caution is required. My concern as a pig farmer in the South East is that our business will suffer unnecessarily as a result of people thinking that they should not eat pork. Pork is completely safe to eat but this fact is always only put in the small print as an afterthought. Headlines like “Pig Sick” from the Sun and many others like that are really detrimental to us.


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