Question: What do you do for someone who got drunk and passed out?

Don’t say, “Oh, he just had too much to drink.” First of all, he’s unconscious; second, you don’t KNOW what else he might have in his system. Alcohol can be fatal in combination with a whole bunch of other things.

Any loss of consciousness must be checked by professionals. If it is from drinking, you are dealing with alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal — even without the help of other drugs. Remember that alcohol is a neurotoxin (nerve poison) and the human body can tolerate it, but not well.

Anyone who is unconscious should be placed on their side to prevent ingestion of vomitus if they throw up. Stretch their lower arm out in front and put the upper leg forward with the knee bent to keep them from rolling over too far. Monitor their breathing and call for the paramedics.

If they stop breathing, use rescue breathing until help arrives.  Yes, this can be nasty, but if you’re going to play the game you have to deal with the results.

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