A Comment Worth Reading

Dan was kind enough to comment on the Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome article I wrote some time ago.  You can read the article here. I so liked the way he expressed himself on the issue of store-front detox docs, that I asked if I could use his comment:

Dan, on May 18th, 2009 at 18:32 Said:

I succumbed to the Madison-Avenue hyperbole spewed by a storefront Suboxone-peddling physician. This doc assured me that my years of opiate abuse/dependency would dissipate in a mere two weeks with this wonder drug. Granted, while on Suboxone I felt wonderfully well; afterwards, however, my spirits crumbled as I began to feel worse than I had during the peak of cold-turkey withdrawal. Of course, he dutifully advised me that I was experiencing PAWS – and for an additional $800 in cash I could enjoy another two to four weeks of Subox. I gallantly and charmingly declined.

My relapse was all but inevitable. Eights months later (after a literal drive-by intervention) I entered a medical detox facility and then was assigned to an intensive outpatient program three times per week, three hours per day for 24 sessions – attached thereafter to a one-year aftercare program. This process has been life-changing for me. And right now we are “working” on the skills and strategies to understand and soberly cope with PAWS. Who woulda thunk? The group’s facilitator is an LADC who focuses a huge amount of therapy time on helping her clients understand PAWS and its propensity for leading to relapse. Not only does she make us dig deeply to uncover our original motives for “using,” she guides us and prompts us to do the work necessary to cope during recovery.

There is hope out there. To all who now suffer, understand the pain – instead of trying to cover it. In so doing, you improve greatly the chances that your tomorrows will be improvements upon your “today.” Indeed, this, too, shall pass.

My Most Positive Thoughts to All –


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