Could Catching Swine Flu Be Good For You?

Some doctors say that catching swine flu now, while it is mild, could prevent a more serious infection later by building immunity in those sickened by the new flu virus. Could Catching Swine Flu Be Good For You?

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Birder, cat-lover, pilot, poet. Former lounge lizard, pauper, pagan, lifeguard, chauffeur,cop and martial artist, turned pacifist addiction writer. Tries to be a good husband, father and brother, and makes a decent friend. Likes to take pictures. Stumbling down the Middle Path, one day at a time.

One thought on “Could Catching Swine Flu Be Good For You?

  1. I was stopping in to the site to see and read all of what is in here. I had a lecture about smoking today

    I feel ashamed when it is a doctor

    I dont like scrutiny

    Hold a magnifying glass over it (my life) and see how poorly I reallydo try sometimes to take good care of myself.

    I know I have right now, and I dont take it for granted.
    So, now, having no spleen, is it wise for me to seek out places now where I could become exposed to Swine Flu………Poor lil miss Piggy…

    I am looking into more of the atricles tonight
    Gotta run, I have a mental health meeting!
    Glad you are here!!


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