Boosting Medical Students’ Training in Drug Abuse

Boosting Medical Students’ Training in Drug Abuse – Health Blog – WSJ

Today, the National Institute on Drug Abuse jumped into the fray, announcing new teaching tools designed to help doctors-in-training — medical students and residents — learn about assessing and treating patients with abuse problems, including tobacco, prescription drugs and illicit substances.

How about alcohol, the most-abused drug of all by a wide margin?

1 thought on “Boosting Medical Students’ Training in Drug Abuse

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the post. I agree 100%
    Why do you think Alcohol is continually overlooked as a drug? could it be because it is legal?

    Maybe. Might also be because it brings in $145 billion a year for the manufacturers (gross). Underage and pathological drinkers are the alcohol industry’s most valuable customers, and spend at least $48 billion in beer, wine and liquor each year or about 37 percent of the total. When you have that much money to play with — and lose — you have both the ability and incentive to mess with a lot of perceptions and political ethics.


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