Drinking coffee or using other caffeine sources will not sober you up.

Research on mice indicates the drink may make you feel that you are coming to your senses – but it is only an illusion.

In fact, it makes it harder for people to realise they are under the influence of alcohol.

The study, by Temple University in Philadelphia, appears in the journal Behavioural Neuroscience….

BBC News – Drinking coffee ‘will not sober you up’ when drunk

There has been a lot of recent discussion about this issue in connection with alcoholic drinks fortified with caffeine.  This won’t convince anyone who is in denial (who probably won’t read this anyway), but it seems quite definitive to me.

Said denial folks will say, “well, it’s just in mice, we don’t know how it works in people.”  Well, lab mice have been selectively bred for nearly a century to respond to drugs the way people do — as closely as possible.  These are pretty safe conclusions.

Put it another way: if the stuff KILLED the mice, would you take it?  Please explain why you wouldn’t.  Eh?

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