Q&A: Is it hard to come off cannabis?

Heavy cannabis users sometimes develop a mild physical addiction that causes withdrawal symptoms that can last several weeks. These are usually mild, and include the jitters, occasional other mild symptoms, and emotional unease. There have been a few reports of psychotic episodes, but it has not been established that those were due to removal of the chemicals. They may have been due to underlying conditions that were masked or controlled by the drug use. If present, these should be addressed by specialists rather than continuing to self-medicate without medical advice.

What is more difficult is to remain determined to stay off cannabis in a society that is becoming more and more accepting of it. Remember that only you can decide if it is a problem, and other people’s opinions (especially those of other users, who may have a vested interest in your continuing to use because of their own denial) don’t count for much. It’s your mind, and your body. Do what is right for you.

Finally, remember that,regardless of any other issues, use of cannabis is still illegal in most places, for most people. There are many people serving prison time for a couple ounces of weed. At present it is not just an matter of opinion, but also of potential life-changing consequences.

Since I first wrote this, I’ve received the following. Sort of speaks for itself.

I’ve been smoking pot for about 3 years now, and was smart enough never to get into anything hard because that would equal death. Around 16 yrs. of age I was put in a juvinile program “rehab” do to all my marijuana tickets. Things were alright for the first couple weeks without out my bud, but as they days went on things became very dysfunctional. I always felt stoned without out the euphoria. My reflexes were slow, I was socially impaired, i couldn’t concentrate, and had mad swings of emotions. I’ve never cryed as much as I did that year.I felt suicidal and very depressed. I’ve been going on what I call smoking binges for awhile now. I smoke literally all day. I couldn’t work or go to school, because by the time i smoked a few bowls i would be completely sober in a half hour. I had to be high. My tolerance became to high and the bud was not enough, no matter how much i smoked i couldn’t get high because i always felt fried, wihtout the euphoria. I was wondering if PAWS could be the result of HEAVY MARIJUANA USE? I’ve been having these symptoms for over 3 years now, because everytime i sober up i make usually to 4 months and every thing is so dysfunctional and scary i relapse into another binge. THank you SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT

2 thoughts on “Q&A: Is it hard to come off cannabis?

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  2. Debra Rincon Lopez

    I know a lot of people who have quit everything else, now they are still using marijuana and think that it’s okay. A drug is a drug is a drug to me? But, I guess it’s up to the person and their judgment to decide what they want for their lifestyle purposes. I think that it defeats the purpose of getting clean if you cannot quit everything? But, It’s not my call, it’s their and theirs alone to make.

    If you cannot quit everything, then by definition you are not clean. And then there’s nicotine…


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