A personal history of e-mail addiction

A personal history of e-mail addiction – Social Media – Salon.com

It took me six days to write this piece, during which (according to the History Tab on my Web browser) I visited 371 websites and checked my e-mail 213 times. I knew the numbers weren’t going to be pretty, but I had no idea they’d be quite so ugly.

1 thought on “A personal history of e-mail addiction

  1. Guinevere

    Bill… was just thinking this morning that a great day last year was the day I turned off my computer’s email alert. Now I check my email only when I make a conscious decision…

    I do work compulsively on the computer though. His decision to leave it in the study upstairs is a good reminder… –G

    It’s hard for those of us who spend workdays sitting in front of a screen. It feels so natural, it’s hard to recognize when it’s out of hand.


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