Independence Day

I used to be a patriotic guy, and I admit to getting a little bit choked up now and then on patriotic occasions — although, nowadays, more for the people who made the sacrifices than for pride of country.  After all, what right do I have to be proud of it?  I didn’t choose it, didn’t build it, only support a small portion of it, and have virtually no say in how it is run (despite mythology to the contrary).  So, for what should I be proud?  Anyway, let’s not go there.

There is one day, however, that means a great deal to me.  That’s Independence Day.  Independence I can relate to in a big way, and even though my own personal independence day was 14 September in 1989, I still sort of think of the celebration and fireworks on the 4th as my own celebration of my independence from alcohol and drugs.

Ask a recovering alcoholic/addict about independence.  Those folks — us folks — know what independence is really about.

We used to say, “Have a cool Yule and a frigid First.”  I wish all of you the degree of frigidity appropriate to your needs during this long, hot Summer, and a happy, enjoyable Fourth.

And hey…don’t forget the sunscreen!

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