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  1. Bill Post author

    Hi Bwendo,

    How true. I wonder if your friend is still drinking and trying to quit, or if she is sober but shaky? In either case, the best thing we can do for our friends is be a good example. They know us too well; that puts us in no position to preach. Your choosing not to bang on about it is the right way to handle it.

    The only other thing I can suggest is to invite her to attend an AA meeting with you. If she declines, don’t push it. Sometimes those ideas need a bit of percolating before they bear fruit. She might change her mind later, when she sees the wonderful effects they’re having on you.

    Thanks for your comment, and

    Keep on keepin’ on!



  2. Andrea

    Hear, hear! I recently began blogging about my recovery (please check out Gratitude Girl: Chronicles of a Neurotic Alcoholic in Recovery at http://www.gratefulinrecovery.com) and cannot seem to stop writing! I have been sober over 21 months and I am learning that my gut is a good gauge of whether or not I am doing the “right thing.” When I am not, everything feels forced, labored, and I feel restless, irritable, and discontent. When I put one foot in front of the other and do what seems appropriate and “spiritual,” things just… happen. It’s hard to explain but if you’ve experienced it, you get what I am putting down.

    Thank you for your blog. I look forward to reading future posts.



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