Nicotine Addiction 101

Nicotine is the tobacco plant’s natural protection from being eaten by insects. Its widespread use as a farm crop insecticide is now being blamed for killing honey bees. A super toxin, drop for drop it is more lethal than strychnine or diamondback rattlesnake venom and three times deadlier than arsenic. Yet amazingly, by chance, this natural insecticide’s chemical signature is so similar to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that once inside the brain it fits a host of chemical locks permitting it direct and indirect control over the flow of more than 200 neuro-chemicals, most importantly dopamine.

Read more.  Find out how to quit.

I smoked for thirty years, and I quit.   You can too!  Are you really clean and sober if you’re using one of the most deadly drugs known?

3 thoughts on “Nicotine Addiction 101

  1. Austin Bassett

    I have never heard of anyone who smoked too much beating on the wife and kids, involved in vehicular homicide ass a direct result of the smoking! However, I’m nicotine free and sober and it feels good. I just like being ornery.


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