Grace This Way

Sarah Ellis has decided to combine her acting skills with 12-step work, and has produced a series of videos that illustrate the steps of recovery. I think they’re extremely worthwhile. I’ll let Sarah explain in this letter.

Dear readers,

Sarah Ellis Photo

My name is Sarah and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been sober for over five years. I’m passionate about many things, but especially about acting and recovery. I decided to combine these two loves by creating and starring in a Web series entitled Grace This Way. I play a woman named Grace who achieves sobriety by working a twelve step program. Each episode represents a step in recovery. There are a total of 9 episodes because I felt led to combine steps four and five into one episode; the same for six and seven & eight and nine.

It is my hope that people struggling with addiction will see Grace’s story, become aware that they are not alone and that there is a solution that works. I also want to introduce non-alcoholics and non-addicts to the twelve steps of recovery. Even if someone isn’t struggling with an addiction there is still a certain amount of dysfunction that creeps into relationships. Part of that dysfunction is a product of being human, but it’s my personal belief that, as humans, we have a responsibility to evolve during each lifetime. The twelve steps encourage this change to happen. I hope you watch the series and that it will provide some inspiration as you trudge “the road to happy destiny.”

Peace, love and freedom from the bondage of self to all of you!

Best wishes,

Sarah Ellis

For more information about Sarah, please visit her website at:

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