Need Info: Naltrexone as relating to PAWS

Hi Gang,

I’ve had a question from a newly sober friend regarding the effects of naltrexone on PAWS symptoms.  He’s on a 2-3 month program after opiate detox, and was wondering if there would be a noticeable effect on PAWS — severity, symptoms, length of time, etc.

There doesn’t seem to be much info out there in terms of actual research, so we’ll do a little informal survey here.  Please don’t respond with what happened to someone else, or with opinions.  Personal experience only, please.  It would be especially interesting if you’ve experienced PAWS both with and without naltrexone therapy.

Let us know how you felt, how long symptoms like depression, lack of sleep, low energy levels, confusion, and so forth lasted.  Read the PAWS article here if you’re unsure of what I mean.  Your comments could provide real help and hope for another recovering addict.

2 thoughts on “Need Info: Naltrexone as relating to PAWS

  1. Bill Post author

    Hi Bob,

    I’ve not heard of naltrexone being helpful for anxiety, but Neurontin can be useful. You don’t want to mess with any benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, etc.) They’re poison for addicts, and highly addictive themselves. Cross-addiction with alcohol is common.

    Hope you’re catching some meetings. The “pink cloud” won’t last forever.

    Congratulations, and keep on keepin’ on!



  2. Bob

    I am going through Paws and actually have a prescription of NALTREXONE at the drug store waiting for me. It was prescribed in case I feel the urge to drink but not for the PAWS I am going through. This would be a god send if it helped with the Anxiety I get for no reason.

    I don’t even want a drink, that is why I haven’t picked up the script!


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