Update On ‘Designer Stimulants’

The last few years have seen the emergence of a new drug problem in so-called “bath salts” — actually “designer stimulants,” packaged and sold in ways that skirt drug laws. A review and update on these designer drugs is presented in the June Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


2 thoughts on “Update On ‘Designer Stimulants’

  1. Bill Post author

    I appreciate your opinion, Steve. However, the purpose of this blog is to provide information, and that involves answering and posing questions that cover a broader spectrum than you advocate.


  2. John wesley hardin

    Commenting on the effects of all these different drugs is a distraction and not really the issue, rather than comment on individual drugs it’s much better to concentrate on addiction. We need to educate addicts that the drug of choice is irrelevant. I argued for a week in rehab until I was blue in the face that although I took large amounts of Amphetamines I didn’t have a problem with Amphetamines only drink. After a week the penny dropped, only then did I have an insight into my addiction.


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