My Final Battle With Sex Addiction, by “James Wolfe”

“I stopped drinking and doing drugs, and I worked a solid program. But I had yet to face my most hard-wired compulsion….

“This is the digital crack era of Internet porn. Lust is out in the open, encouraged and rewarded. In this culture, the choice is hard—but it’s never been easy. Remember St. Augustine, asking God in the fourth century AD, “Grant me chastity, but not yet”?…”

3 thoughts on “My Final Battle With Sex Addiction, by “James Wolfe”

  1. Bill Post author

    Most folks haven’t, but it devastates a great many lives. How would we know? It’s the essence of secrecy, until it jumps up and slaps us in the face in some way. But biochemically, in the effects it has on the brain, it’s identical to substance and other behavioral addictions such as shopping and food.

    I suggest that if you are going to have a site devoted to combating addiction, you might want to learn some more about the behavioral addictions, as they tend to co-exist with substance abuse and often begin to really assert themselves when the substances are no longer available.


  2. Bill Post author

    You’re welcome. It’s a seriously underdiagnosed issue, and far more prevalent than most people realize.


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