Journaling By Hand

I was going to be geekly and transfer my Journaling activities to the cloud, as I’ve threatened to do on several previous occasions. (Yes I’d encrypt them!) But I just don’t seem to be able to generate the same interest as when I write by hand.  I’m arguably more articulate — and certainly more prolific — on a keyboard, but it’s not the same.

There’s an aesthetic to pen, notebook and ink that just doesn’t translate to a keyboard when it comes to recording my personal thoughts. I have written millions of words on keyboards, both electronic and mechanical (I learned to type on a1938 Remington Noiseless — which was anything but).  However, when it comes to journaling, I always seem to turn back to a Bic Profile 1.48 and Moleskine.  

Anyone else had this experience?

3 thoughts on “Journaling By Hand

  1. justanewme

    Yes—-just bought a new notebook last week. There is something about all of those clean blank pages just begging to be filled-and I thought it was just me.


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