Marijuana use associated with impaired sleep quality

Marijuana use is associated with impaired sleep quality, research suggests. Results show that any history of cannabis use was associated with an increased likelihood of reporting difficulty falling asleep, struggling to maintain sleep, experiencing non-restorative sleep, and feeling daytime sleepiness. [Emphasis mine – Ed.] The strongest association was found in adults who started marijuana use before age 15; they were about twice as likely to have severe problems falling asleep, experiencing non-restorative sleep and feeling overly sleepy during the day.  Continue reading…


3 thoughts on “Marijuana use associated with impaired sleep quality

  1. Bill Post author

    Marijuana is also one of the drugs that affects the development of connections in the brain during the adolescent years, especially between the left and right frontal lobes. We have yet to fathom all the mischief that causes.


  2. theraineyview

    Marijuana’s sedative effects are far stronger in children than in adults, and the susceptibility fades gradually during late childhood and youth. Sedatives destroy the ability to sleep normally. It can take years or decades to restore the sleeping functions. Those who romanticize marijuana as a healing friendly herb are just as unrealistic as those who promote prescribing barbiturates or muscle relaxants for all problems.


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