Is football stress hazardous to fans’ health? […and sobriety?]

It’s well-known that stress is a major precursor to relapse.  This health bulletin from the University of Alabama is practically required reading for folks in recovery, especially from alcohol.

“The body doesn’t distinguish between ‘bad’ stress from life or work and ‘good’ stress caused by game-day excitement,” Gilchrist said. “It impacts your health either way.”

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3 thoughts on “Is football stress hazardous to fans’ health? […and sobriety?]

  1. greg w

    Oh, yeah. Had to link to this. As we are in Indianapolis with many Colts fans here in AA by default, this will be invaluable. Couldn’t wait to get this one up on our site. Thanks much, amigo. This truly rocks. I’ll keep pointing back to this as we head into our 10-6 season. :-)


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