4 thoughts on “Is Drug Addiction Genetic? – ABC News

  1. Bill Post author

    That’s true, in a general sense. However, it’s likely that some folks haven’t gotten the word — which is the purpose of this site. You are probably right about the women. Females produce much less alcohol dehydrogenase, which creates higher alcohol levels for a given amount consumed when things such as weight and BMI are factored out.

    BTW, there’s nothing new about the “normalization.” I just turned 70, and I can attest that it was plenty normal years ago.


  2. ainsobriety

    I think more than 10% of people develop an addiction and that there will be an increasing number of women developing alcohol addiction as a result of the current “normalization” of booze as a required part of every day life.
    I also think the tie between addiction and mental health “drinking to cope”, is very important, but almost impossible to eliminate on your own, or even recognize that you are doing it.

    I don’t think there too much emerging news here.


  3. Bill Post author

    The article pretty much says what most researchers have been saying for a long time. I would add that it is predisposition, not certainty, and that the likelihood of someone growing up in a dysfunctional family (which an addicted parent essentially guarantees) developing an active addiction is much increased.

    In short, I agree.


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