Smoking interferes with recovery during abstinence from alcohol

“Our findings stress the importance of evaluating the influence of conditions/behaviors that often accompany alcohol use disorders, such as cigarette smoking, to better understand the factors that may hinder cognitive recovery during abstinence from alcohol,” said Durazzo. “The frequency of cigarette smoking is much higher in those with alcohol and substance use disorders compared to the general public. It is important to emphasize that cigarette smoking alone is associated with adverse effects on multiple areas of cognitive function, such as learning and memory and processing speed. And, just like alcohol use disorders, cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence are treatable conditions. We believe our findings strongly reinforce the growing clinical movement to offer a comprehensive smoking-cessation program to individuals seeking treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders.”


2 thoughts on “Smoking interferes with recovery during abstinence from alcohol

  1. Bill Post author

    I got sober in 1989, and quit smoking in January of ’92 or ’93. I disremember. However, my feeling then was — and still is — that I would not be really sober while I was still harming my health with an addiction.

    With regard to quitting while in treatment, I totally support that approach. Withdrawal and early post-acute withdrawal suck, regardless of how many drugs you are or are not withdrawing from. Might as well get them all out of the way at once.

    And yes, I feel the same way about meetings. It’s been at least 15 years since I walked into a smoking meeting, and It’s likely to be at least that many more.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


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