Sex Addiction: Joke — or Curse?

People love to laugh about “sex addicts,” as if the whole idea were somehow silly. Truly, it is anything but. Sexual issues of one kind or another are at the root of many other compulsive disorders, to the point that savvy therapists are beginning to look there for clues to folks’ other addictions early on in their therapy.

2 thoughts on “Sex Addiction: Joke — or Curse?

  1. Bill Post author

    Hi Felicia,

    Many addicts — me included — got sober from drugs and alcohol, but continued our sex addictions (and, thus, weren’t really sober) for a long time after that. I have the interesting distinction of being 25 years clean and sober from chemicals, and only 13 months completely sober from my sex addiction.

    I think the old saw applies: if it causes you trouble, and you keep on doing it anyway, there’s probably an addiction involved. When non-addicts get burnt, they stay away from the fire.

    Good luck in your recovery,



  2. feliciagetssober

    My friends believe I am a sex addict and the booze makes it easier…
    All I know is I am some sort of addict. Won’t be sexing anytime soon with my broken ankle :( awwwww no sex for me.. Happy about the no booze and drugs.


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