Unhappy hour: Non-drinkers devise strategies to navigate booze-centered work events

The researchers found that most non-drinkers didn’t volunteer the fact that they were non-drinkers because they did not want to draw attention to themselves. And while some would answer honestly if asked, many declined a drink in ways that made their non-drinking ambiguous. For example, instead of saying “I don’t drink,” study participants often said things like “I’m not drinking tonight” or “I’ve got an early morning” to avoid having a drink….

While non-drinkers used a variety of techniques to navigate these social situations, all of the techniques stem from the same perceived pressure to conform to social norms in the workplace. And that may be a problem….


4 thoughts on “Unhappy hour: Non-drinkers devise strategies to navigate booze-centered work events

  1. Bill Post author

    I usually just say, “No thanks, I finished my share.” But then I’m so “out” as a recovering person that it doesn’t make any difference.

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  2. Moody_Thursday

    When I say I don’t drink, I get SO much attention. It’s like I said “I have two heads”. It’s a bit annoying, but oh well. I can relate to this article.


  3. Bill Post author

    A shame, but there it is. Blame the alcohol industry that spends billions annually to shore up its image, which by now should be in shambles based on the facts.

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