6 thoughts on “Smokers who use e-cigarettes less likely to quit, study shows

  1. arenalbotanicalgarden

    I tried quitting for 15 years and managed to pull it off……for a few weeks at a time. ” Something” would picz me off and///BANG. back to it.
    I grabbed a single ecig one afternoon and nursed it through the night. I went and bought 3 more the next day. Great !
    Then I ordered a rechargeable “kit” 10 packs worth of hi-nic, 10-med,10 zero-nic.
    When I ran out. That was it. No more smoking(@ Sat.Sept 14-2012).
    2nd part of ” the trick”. Always go outside for the drags.If you work outside ? Always go inside !
    It becomes too much of a pain in the asz to bother.

    Now for the liquor.
    Haven’t had a drop since 3/13/2015. Wish me luck ! Daily boozer since 1974.Yes ’74.
    If I told you how much you’d call me a liar !
    I had to have an 8 day Xanax assist at first.
    This is much worse than nicotine. I’m considering taking a free job as a bouncer to smack the stupid looks of idiots faces(stress relief) ;-) Pura Vida.


  2. Bill Post author

    Please congratulate your husband for me. Been there and done that, and I appreciate what he’s accomplished.

    As with other substitution therapies, e-cigarettes work for people who want to succeed. There is, unfortunately, a fairly pervasive idea that they, through some magic of their own, make quitting a snap. That (I can tell you as a smoker from the age of 14 to 49) is not the case. That’s why I like the patches. Not only do they remove the nicotine withdrawal issue by tapering, if used as directed, they also allow the smoker to work on the ritual as well. That isn’t the case with oral substitutes.

    Nonetheless, it all comes down to acceptance of the addiction and determination to quit. There’s no magic bullet beyond that — for any addiction. The rest is just willingness to do the work.


  3. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    Yes Sir,. . . that is correct. :-) And the hardest one yet!


  4. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    I truly believe this! My hubby and I both got them, the ones that take liquid tobacco, and we seemed to smoke MORE with them then cigs! Go figure?? LOL.
    *Catherine* :-)


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