Nobody’s Perfect

In early recovery we are still concentrating on our addictions.  Even after we are abstinent, it takes us a while to reach a point where not acting out isn’t foremost in our minds.  Eventually we began to think of ourselves as sober addicts, and develop interests that take us farther yet from our addictions.

No one is perfect.  If we are preoccupied with thinking about our mistakes, we will find ourselves living in the past.  We can’t change the past, nor can we control the future.  If we insist on trying, we will make ourselves crazy.  Living in today, to the best of our ability, is essential for successful recovery.

Steps one through nine are our tools for dealing with the past.  Completing them as thoroughly as we are able, along with some outside help if needed, brings us up to today.  Ten, eleven and twelve guide us through the present.  Tomorrow isn’t up to us at all.  It will take care of itself.

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