by Bill

In our addiction, we did “the next right thing” when it was convenient, or when it brought us something that we hoped to gain.  In recovery, living a good life is part of our practice.  We accomplish this through the Steps, our daily inventory, our meditation, our spiritual practices of whatever kind, and our determination to practice the principles of our program in all our affairs.

buddhaWe often hear it said that recovery is a journey or process, not a destination or event.  From time to time we have awarenesses in our lives, little “Aha!” moments when some aspect of our reality suddenly becomes clear.  These deserve our attention and contemplation, because they can mark the end of some bit of previously unfinished business.  It’s important to take note, because they often mean that it’s time to move on in some way.

In many respects, recovery is similar to the Buddhist concept of enlightenment: we become aware of our reality, rather than living in the fantasy of our addictions.  As with any other learning, once we comprehend the basics it’s time to build on them.  We incorporate our new awarenesses into our lives, not dwelling on them, but using it as a foundation for more skillful thinking and living.

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