“In the dark, all cats are gray.” ~Benj. Franklin

But this post has nothing to do with cats.

See...no cats.

See…no cats.

Imagine your life as a road.  Imagine one direction being the “right” path, and the other the “wrong” path.

Now look at the situation realistically.  Although we only see two paths that we believe are right and wrong, there are actually an infinite number of directions we can go as long as we don’t limit ourselves to the road we see before us.  We assign our ideas of right and wrong based on preconceived notions that might not even have been our own, but rather impressed upon us by someone else.  That’s black and white thinking — a characteristic of most addicts in the beginning.  In truth, reality is infinite shades of gray; only at the very extremes is anything black or white.  Looking deeply, we can see that our ideas of right and wrong contain myriad paths that we may not have considered.

What are the odds that the only ideas we have are either right or wrong, and not some other shade?  What are the odds that an entirely different path might be the one we need to travel?

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