Addiction is a disease, and we should treat it like one

Ted Talk: Addiction is a disease and we should treat it like one.


5 thoughts on “Addiction is a disease, and we should treat it like one

  1. addictionspodcast

    Definitely Bill. I agree. I am sorry for my somewhat off the cuff remarks. I was having a bad day. :)


  2. Bill Post author

    The TED Talk is aimed toward entities other than those you mentioned. As you must be aware, there are still many people, including physicians, legislators, clergy, and some therapists, who still maintain that it an issue of will, morality, weakness, etc.

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  3. addictionspodcast

    I beg to differ. Actually most professionals agree that addiction is a disease. The American Medical Association, the Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, and many more all state that addiction is a disease of the brain.


  4. Keith Moon (@KeithMoon46)

    Go to a children’s cancer ward and tell them you have a disease to. It’s not a disease it’s a choice. I know about addiction all to well. It was my decision to drink to excess. Calling it a disease takes away personal responsibility and makes the user have another excuse and enables him or her further. No addiction is not a disease.


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