More denial…

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“The ‘freedom’ to define our own addictive pattern could not be used in a self-serving way. Our addictions are a reality that persists regardless of any short-sighted, convenient definition. If we were leaving out of our personal definition some behavior that was addictive, it would certainly pull us back into the pattern again.”

~ Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous, p. 72 (Step 1)

1 thought on “More denial…

  1. feelingmywaybackintolife

    I read this article from a doctor in recovery, she found that those who quit smoking and sugar at the same time as drinking had most chance on full and lengthy recovery. Those who did not quit smoking had a more difficult time staying sober and most of them relapsed quickly. I find that my transferred addiction (sugar) keeps me back from really living a sober life. :-/ Addiction is cunning. :-(
    xx, Feeling


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