Twelve Questions About My Program

  1. Am I getting to enough meetings?
  2. Do I have plenty of phone numbers?
  3. Do I make daily calls to others in recovery?
  4. Do I have a daily routine: reading, meditation, journaling?
  5. Do I review my day and consider my skillful and unskillful ways?
  6. Have I determined my bottom lines, worked on the Three Circles or considered my addictive habits with the help of another person?
  7. Have I examined the behaviors that lead up to acting out in my addiction and made necessary changes?
  8. Do I have a sponsor?
  9. Do I meet regularly with my sponsor?
  10. Am I making regular progress on the Steps?
  11. Am I enjoying fellowship; having some fun?
  12. Am I changing for the better, or just marking time?

2 thoughts on “Twelve Questions About My Program

  1. Bill Post author

    Regarding your answers:
    2. Three thumbs up!
    3. Time to start building a network of support. Your sponsor won’t always be available. Build a safety net!
    4. You’re doing fine. Lots of folks have stayed sober without prayer — not to say that it’s not extremely beneficial to those who believe.
    5. How else do we learn? Give it a shot; maybe in your journal.
    6. Good! We talk about boundaries a lot in recovery. Those are boundaries we set for ourselves. Unless we’ve thought them out ahead of time, there won’t be that little internal warning that says, “Stop!”.
    7. Part of number 6, really. If we don’t understand our personal triggers and the way we fool ourselves, we’re in trouble.
    8, 9. Great!
    10. Doesn’t have to be fast. The 28-day 12-steppers have seemed to me to have a harder time than those who work at a steady but reasonable pace. I hasten to add that there are highly competent people who would disagree with this statement.
    11. Try harder. What’s the point in being sober if it’s all work and drudgery?
    12. Good. That’s where your journaling and 10th Step practice comes in.

    Sounds like you’re doing it right. Keep comin’ back!


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  2. theacquiescentsoul

    For kicks, I’m going to answer these:
    1.) I’m working on 90 in 90, right now. I work in a very isolated area, so when I am home I attend 1 or 2 per day. When I am at work, I spend time listening to podcasts of AA speakers.
    2.) An entire list!
    3.) Only to my sponsor right now
    4.) I’m not perfect, but I’m working on the praying part. I am journaling and reading.
    5.) No, not really.
    6.) When meeting with my sponsor, I do.
    7.) I’m new to recovery, but this has been a topic that has been approached with my sponsor.
    8.) Yes.
    9.) Yes.
    10.) Slowly, but surely. I relapsed, so I’ve started over.
    11.) I’m trying, yes.
    12.) I believe so.


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