Thought for the day: 5/25/2017

No two people see the world and their circumstances in the same way. How could they? We all come from a life of billions of experiences, all perceived and interpreted by our individual brains. These perceptions and interpretations are colored by a palette of emotions, feelings and conscious thought. The results can’t possibly be the same for two individuals. Where else could our reality reside but in our heads?

That being the case, we can — to a degree — influence our interpretation of reality by clearing our minds of silly ideas, such as the universe’s being at our beck and call, a celestial Amazon where we can order up whatever we desire and it will be delivered to our doorstep. We know from experience that this doesn’t work (most of the time; coincidences do happen), but it’s easier to play the cosmic lottery than it is to look searchingly at the ways we live our lives, discerning changes that might allow us to influence them for the better by our own actions.

A wise woman has said, “God guarantees us nothing in this life. All He guarantees is our relationship with Him in the next one.” This is a theistic way of saying exactly the same thing: we are supposed to take responsibility for the course of our own lives, how we perceive them, and what efforts we make to become our own guides to better circumstances.

A lot of that depends on how we look at ourselves. Are we chronic victims? Does the world owe us a living? Is everyone out to get us? Are we just fuckups? Is it too late? These are just some of the lies we tell ourselves to avoid the pain of necessary changes. If we make improvements impossible in our own heads, we surely will not see them in the real world.

Positive thinking works, but it only works on us.

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