A Possible Topic For Meditation Or A Meeting

I was at a meeting on Saturday (online, of course). We had a discussion of the good things that have come from the pandemic. I’m not going to mention specific things that were brought up, because I don’t want to do your thinking for you. However, I challenge you — and perhaps your group — to consider the matter in some detail.

It’s easy to bitch, moan, and complain. “It’s not fair!”, “Someone should…”, “Why me?”, and similar laments are the default setting for us addicts and codependents, and stresses like we’re suffering these days — so alien to so-called normal behavior for most of us — can bring them out in abundance. One of our default behaviors is to automatically look for the worst scenario and then fixate on it. The pressures of confinement, especially close confinement with family and partners, money worries and the other things that plague most of us these days are guaranteed to challenge our sobriety and strain our sanity (in the sense spoken of in Step Two).

So let’s pull our minds out of the mud for a few minutes and really consider carefully the possible things we’ve gained or have the potential to gain from our current circumstances. I’ll bet if we actually stop and think about it mindfully, we’ll discover that things could certainly be worse and that some things may even be better.

2 thoughts on “A Possible Topic For Meditation Or A Meeting

  1. Ainsobriety

    The pandemic means I am working from home. I can drop on kid at school. I can chat with the other who is online learning.
    My 17 year old son and I watch tv together at night.
    This is precious time that I might otherwise not have had.

    I am fortunate my job is not impacted. My life is simple. I like being alone.

    Overall, this time has been a blessing so far.


  2. jessymunch826

    I have found a lot of purpose in this pandemic and everything else in life. It’s a mindset I adopted when I got my DUI and thought life was ending and that mindset and practicing gratitude daily has so helped me have a different perspective and I have been through some crap.


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