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Swimming Against The Flow

“The moment we decide to stop and look at what is going on (like a swimmer suddenly changing course to swim upstream instead of downstream), we find ourselves battered by powerful currents we had never even suspected – precisely because until that moment we were largely living at their command.”
~ Stephen Batchelor, The Awakening of the West

Early recovery is rough. We have to deal with physical withdrawal, feelings that are unmedicated (perhaps for the first time in many years), the normal stresses of everyday life and quite a few others directly related to our addictions, expectations of ourselves and others, financial and legal problems…the list goes on and on. For most of us, getting through the first few weeks and months sober will be the most difficult thing we’ve ever done. Continue reading

Post-acute Withdrawal–Why The Quick Fixes Don’t Work

As much as we might like to have it otherwise, healthy pleasure isn’t constant. Pleasure is the body’s way of rewarding us for doing things that benefit us: survival of our offspring and ourselves. But when pleasure becomes the norm, rather than the reward, the system breaks down. We begin to pursue pleasure for its own sake, to the neglect of nature’s original intentions. Continue reading

How Can Sex Be An Adiction?

by Bill

If you talk about sex addiction much, whether with recovering alcoholics, other addicts or “normal” folks, you will frequently hear the same question: How can sex be an addiction?  It’s a normal part of life, God’s plan, necessary for good mental health, central to relationships, built into our genes, etc.

These are all valid objections, and all of the statements are true.  But, like so many things that are “good for us,” we can abuse sex just as we would any other drug — and, for sex addicts, it’s a drug just as surely as meth or alcohol. Continue reading