Oxford House Provides A Safe Place For Recovery

Lopez, 45, has alienated family members, lost jobs, been evicted from homes and wound up in a hospital detox unit. Along the way, he’s had stints of sobriety lasting as long as a year.

“I’ve been in the recovery process for about 10 1 /2 years, which is another way of saying I’ve been relapsing for about that long,” Lopez said. “The difference this time is what I’m willing to do.”

ADDICTION: Finding refuge for recovery | NewsOK.com

Well, maybe…

I’d have been more impressed if they’d mentioned the names of the herbs…

After spending 27 years as a drug addict, Tang Ngoc San stumbled upon a natural remedy that helped him, and later others, end their slavery to the illegal substance.

For Dao people in Pu Quan region, in Pu Nhi Commune, Muong Lat District, Thanh Hoa Province, consuming drugs was an integral part of their lives, particularly during festivals. Opium was always considered an “asset” of the locals in the far-flung mountainous area.

In the distant past, the region was covered by poppy fields and people living there were familiar with the smell from the time they were born. According to local police, there were more than 380 drug addicts in Muong Lat in 2005. San was one of them.

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California Bars Restaurant Use of Trans Fats

In addition to increasing the risk of heart disease and obesity, t-f’s have been implicated as triggers for binge eating.

California Bars Restaurant Use of Trans Fats – NYTimes.com

Under the new law, restaurants, bakeries, delicatessens, cafeterias and other businesses classified as “food facilities” will, in the preparation of any foods, have to discontinue use of oils, margarine and shortening containing trans fats.

Am I an addict?

You try beer, booze or pot, maybe cocaine, whatever. It feels good. Youprogress from doing it only at parties or with lovers and/or friends.Now you occasionally have a drink and light up when you are alone. Usebecomes customary: maybe a drink or two before dinner, TGIF, Saturdaynight becomes party night … so do the other nights too … and you nolonger are someone who drinks at meals or social celebrations. Now youare someone who drinks, period.

That oft-asked question: Am I an addict?

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The Creative Theory of Recovery

The Spiritual River is an excellent resource for those just becoming acquainted with the recovery process IMNSHO. Here’s a recent entry…

The Creative Theory of Recovery from Addiction

The creative theory of recovery is the idea that we need to actively and purposefully create a new life in recovery from addiction.

It’s the idea that we need to replace our passion for drugs and booze with a passion for something else.

The creative theory of recovery works well with 12 step programs such as AA or NA. However, those programs only constitute one possible path to the creative life….there are certainly other ways.

Here is a list of what the creative life in recovery entails. This is just a taste of things to come, I will expand on these much more later on: