Kids don’t get the “addiction” part until they try to stop smoking

“Kids are experiencing symptoms of dependence with really low exposures to cigarettes, and beginning to experience this difficulty of quitting very, very early on,” said Jennifer O’Loughlin, lead author of the study published online Wednesday in the American Journal of Public Health. “For kids, there’s no window of opportunity that you can kind of experiment with cigarettes and get away with it.”

A Favorite Book

About 18 or so years ago, the author Lawrence Block wrote a novel called Random Walk, about a young man who begins a journey eastward from Oregon on foot, on what he imagines is a whim.  Along the way he picks up followers, including a murderous character whose coming to terms with his past makes up a powerful subplot.

The book is clearly a parable for the recovery process, as well as a New Age venture into mysticism.  Like all Block’s novels, it is tight and well-crafted.  Unfortunately it fell flat on its face and is now out of print.  Nonetheless, it’s a great read if you can find a copy at your local library or as a used book.

Oh, for crying out loud…

Does this guy need a different hobby, or what?

Generations of recovering alcoholics, soldiers, weary parents, exploited workers and just about anybody feeling beaten down by life have found solace in a short prayer that begins, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

Now the Serenity Prayer is about to endure a controversy over its authorship that is likely to be anything but serene. … MORE…

Women More Prone To Alcoholism?

Does Gene Variant Make Women More Prone To Alcoholism?

ScienceDaily (July 9, 2008) — A particular gene variant might make women more susceptible to alcoholism. At least, a study carried out by the Universities of Bonn and Sweden’s Karolinska Institute makes this a plausible conclusion….

Cheers, without booze or drugs

By Bill

The three attributes, the Steps, Traditions and Concepts, are the foundations of any program: Unity, Service and Recovery. Just as a triangle can’t support itself without all three sides, a 12-Step Group couldn’t survive without all three “sides” of its structure. With its sides intact, on the other hand, a triangle (or pyramid) is the most stable structure there is.

We have to:

* Stick together and support each other;
* Make sure that we — and newcomers — have a place to come to;
* Progress physically, spirutually and emotionally so that we can get better ourselves and then help others to recover.

The home group is the basis of all three things.

Cheers, without booze or drugs