Bar could be held responsible

WAUPUN, Wis. – A local tavern could possibly lose its liquor license or [the owner could] even face criminal charges after a man celebrating his 21st birthday there later died of alcohol poisoning.

Man dies of alcohol poisoning; bar could be held responsible — —

I know…you don’t want to hear about it…

According to research on cell phone addiction, addiction danger signs included running up huge bills and having irrational reactions to being without a phone if you forgot or lost your mobile.
Coping with Cell Phone Addiction – Psych Central

The Plague That No One Acknowledges

If some new and terrible disease were suddenly to strike us here in Canada — a disease of unknown cause, possibly due to noxious gas or poison in our soil, air or water — it would be treated as a national emergency, with our whole citizenry uniting to fight it.

Let us suppose the disease to have so harmful an effect on the nervous system that five million people in our country would go insane for periods lasting from a few hours to weeks or months and recurring repetetively over periods of from 15 to 30 years.

Let us further suppose that during these spells of insanity, acts of so destructive a nature would be committed that the material and spiritual lives of whole families would be in jeopardy with a resultant 25 million persons cruelly affected. Work in business, industry, professions and factories would be crippled, sabotaged or left undone. And each year more than one and 1/4 billion dollars would need to be spent merely to patch up in some small way the effects of the disease on families whose breadwinners have been stricken.

Finally, let us imagine this poison or disease to have the peculiar property of so altering a person’s judgment, so brainwashing him, that he would be unable to see that he had become ill at all; actually so perverting and so distorting his view of life that he would wish with all his might to go on being ill.

The dread disease envisioned above is actually here. It is alcoholism.

Reprinted from The Roundabout in the AA Grapevine.

How To Remain Un-Memorialized on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is the official beginning of the Summer season in the US, where it’s traditional to eat, drink and be merry, get outdoors, get sunburned, and enjoy various other excesses.

For those of us in the Sun Belt, it’s also officially the weekend that the snowbirds finish their northerly migration and we get our streets, supermarkets and beaches back for about four months. Anyone who spends June through September in South Florida has either to be a native, underprivileged retiree or persona non grata above the northern border of South Carolina. No one else is dumb enough to put up with our weather. (And yes, I do fall into one of those categories. Y’all will just have to figure out which one.)

And of course, for a notable number, it’s one of the hot summer excuses for getting squashed, fried, pickled, or embalmed (pick one or add your own). Memorial Day was always one of my favorites, and if you’re in recovery you may by now have remembered some of the shenanigans with which we came close to getting memorialized ourselves.

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Drinking habits: Gender in the mix

A Yale University study finds that under stress, women report more sadness and anxiety than men, but men report more craving for alcohol.

Drinking habits: Gender in the mix — —

Examining alcoholism and madness in literature and film

Here’s a statistic you won’t pick up in English 101: Of eight native-born Americans awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, five were alcoholics, including Sinclair Lewis and Eugene O’Neill.

“Alcohol is a factor if not the central focus of the three top modern novelists – Hemingway, Faulkner and Fitzgerald,” says Michael Carolan, an M.F.A. candidate and instructor at the University of Massachusetts. “As novelists they were addressing how man lived in the 20th century, and the answer was, ‘through drinking.’ ”

Examining alcoholism and madness in literature and film

The Psychology of Cyberspace – Computer and Cyberspace Addiction

A heated debate is rising among psychologists. With the explosion of excitement about the internet, some people seem to be a bit too excited. Some people spend way too much time there. Is this yet ANOTHER type of addiction that has invaded the human psyche?

The Psychology of Cyberspace – Computer and Cyberspace Addiction